Best tourist destinations in the world-Austria

Hello every one nice to see you all back again ,I hope you all enjoyed my post about Denmark which I posted earlier.I got some feedback in mails and thank you so much for your kind feedback.If you missed that post give  minute of your busy life to go and see my post about Denmark in my previous post.I will gurantee your time won't be wasted.

So you all came here to know about another beautiful country right? I know you all love touring a lot ,so I am going to speak about a very beautiful european country today.Got a clue? Yep! It is Beautiful Austria.

There is a very big bond between tourism and Austria .Do you know that nearly 9 percent  of Austria's GDP is out of tourism. Austria's Capital is Vienna and currency used their is euro.

First of all to give you an idea of their culture and religion ,more than 60 percent of their population is roman catholic and they have nearly 5% protestants 21%of agnostics and atheists and 10% of muslim and others.

Austria is a federation and each of these nine federal states have unique and distinct culture.

As tourist you all are more concirned about Geography and climate right? Now i am going to give you an idea about that.Austria's summer last from early June to mid september and day time temperature in July and August are around 24 celcius to 30. But in winter it is so cold in lowlands and even sometimes drop below-10 degrees celcius.

Winters lasts from December to March but some times nights can get chilly even in summer.The south East region can be dry and sunny often.

Talking about the transport, Austria has got 6 airports and most important airport is Vienna which is connected all over the world.Other 5 airports are:

  • Graz
  • Innsbruck
  • Klagenfurt
  • Linz
  • Salzburg
These airports provide transport for domestic flights as well as Some european countries.

The official Language used in Austria is german and known as Austrian German.

Talking about the beautiful places in Austria most of the tourists are attracted towards the mighty mountain scenerys which has complete different view in summer and winter .Also austria has high mountain national park in the  zillertal alps which peak upto 3476m.More than the others river Danube create some beautiful valley landscapes in which we can find famous vine yards now.

One posts is not enough to explain the beautiful places in austria if you want more details you can email me or comment as feedback with your e mail.

If you are a hiking lover Austria is one of the best places to hike in Austrian alps because those are much safer but do not do that in bad weather because it can be dangerous.

Finally I am going to talk about food in Austria for all the food lovers out there.In Austria bread is a serious food huh?Yep! it is.Wiener Schnitzel is a kind of a national food which uses bread.In Vienna the  Tafelspitz which is made of boiled beef and potatoes with horseradish is traditionally served.Some Austrians have a habit of eating sweet flour  based dishes known as Mehispeise.

So my beautiful visitors i hope you got a simple and direct idea regarding Austria,One of the best countries to spend a holiday.I hope you would not miss the chance of going their atleast once in the lifetime.

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