Best tourist destinations in the world- Denmark

Touring countries for relaxation has become one of the best hobbies of the world and every person in every corner of world loves to see the best places or the best countries they can visit getting the best possible benifit for the money they spend.

Mostly when we go through the sites personally i felt it is hard to get an proper idea of the places because of the complexities iin providing details so i decided to give all my viewers a simple explanation regarding the best countries to visit and their details.

I am going to start with Denmark.Denamrk is known as ''Fairy tale country '' by some people and i do not disagree with that.Denmark is one of the best places in europe that you could relax your mind.Talking about visitors,Denmark is mostly visited by people or tourists of Germany,Norway,Sweden and Netherlands

Denmark has got very beautiful beaches and if you have some relatives in Denmark i am pretty sure you did not miss the chance of visiting Copenhagen and who would miss the chance of enjoying Denmark's cheap Beer,Wine and Sprit.

Copenhagen is the Capital of Denmark and if you go there do not miss the chance of visiting The Little Mermaid statue,Tivoli Gardens and Freetown Christiania.The most famous from them is known as The Little Mermaid statue.

The Louisiana museum of modern art in north of copenhagen is the most visited museum in Denmark and who will miss the chance of going to Roskilde festival situated just 30 km west to Copenhagen.

I just can't finish talking about beautiful places of Denmark in one post but i ll explain you about how you could afford transport in Denmark.

Copenhagen air port is is the largest airport and is located at Kastrup,8km from central Copenhagen.Denmark's railway system is very good and they also have frequent train services to Malmo and other parts of sweden. Also Bicycles are available in many spots and it is quite famous there in Denmark. Why do you miss the chance of bike ride across beautiful cities of Denmark with a cool breeze huh? That is up to you.

Most importantly they have a very good ferry service and if you miss the chance of a ride that is your bad luck.

So my beautiful visitors I am going to stop my chat here about Denmark if you want more or any suggestions do not feel shy to comment with your email.I will get into that.Do not miss the chance to see my next post in web about Austria in more detailed manner and it is available in web.I will gurantee your time won't be wasted and i am blogging about sports so if you are a sports lover you can visit them too.Let's meet with another beautiful place.Good bye!

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